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Responsible And Sustainable Tourism

Responsible and Sustainable Tourism is not just a goal, it is a necessity. Many of CATO's members are involved in a variety of projects and initiatives that "give back" to the less fortunate, as well as promoting responsible and sustainable tourism practices within their own organizations and in the destinations they offer.

One of CATO's purposes is the promotion of responsible and sustainable practices, and to encourage its members to select suppliers who do likewise. To view the initiatives established and pursued by individual CATO members, please click on "OUR MEMBERS" and follow their links.

As an Association, CATO is proud to officially support and endorse the YELLOWBIRD FOUNDATION, whose mission is to help improve educational conditions and facilities in local communities mainly in the Caribbean and in Latin America. Over the years, many thousands of dollars have been raised and contributed to help rebuild schools, community centres, and various facilities in some of the destination countries offered by many CATO member companies.

For more information on the YELLOWBIRD FOUNDATION, please please click here.

Tourism Cares

CATO also endorses and supports a joint association charitable initiative known as Tourism Cares. Tourism Cares is a non-profit organization based in the travel industry with a mission to preserve the travel experience for future generations.

For more information on Tourism Cares click here.




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