CATO - Canadian Association of Tour Operators

About CATO

The Canadian Association of Tour Operators represents the most respected companies with offices in Canada, operating tour programs and packages from Canada to international destinations, trans-border as well as inbound to Canada and intra-Canada.

The Association is composed of like-minded tour companies - represented by their owners and senior executives who speak not only for their respective companies, but just as importantly, for the industry.

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Travel Service Suppliers and Destination Tourism Authorities or other interested organizations may apply to join CATO as Supporting Members.

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Mandate of the Association:

All Members shall respect and conform to the intent and purpose of the Association as expressed in general terms as follows:

  1. To consider and act on behalf of tour operators with offices in Canada on all matters which the Association considers to be of mutual interest to or affect the trade of tour operators conducting business in Canada.
  2. To provide a voice on behalf of all tour operators in dealing with all levels of government in Canada and abroad, in all destination markets.
  3. To work within the tour operator industry and with governments at all levels in Canada to provide the travelling public with the greatest practicable financial protection at the lowest cost, against the financial failure of any travel service supplier organization which has received funds from the travelling public for services that have not yet been rendered.
  4. To liaise with the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) in order to provide tour operator input, and to provide CATO-nominated appointees to serve on the TICO Board of Directors.
  5. To liaise with regulatory bodies in all provinces and at the federal level, and provide tour operator input to encourage and promote inter-provincial and national harmonization of travel industry regulations and legislation.
  6. To establish a communications network for members to convey information valuable to the members and the industry.

Membership in CATO is considered a National membership encompassing all of Canada. Co-operation between CATO and ATOQ (Association des Tours Opérateurs du Québec) is permanent and ongoing, sharing similar goals. In addition, where feasible, the Association co-operates and maintains relations with other similar associations or organizations in Canada and other countries.


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